Dr. Igor...or whoever

Was that english? Because I'm having a hard time understanding you. And to anyone else in the building, it's official, I think I'm losing my mind. My "living impaired" room mate keeps trying to flip over my bed, or flip me over like a flapjack, I don't know anymore, but I can't take much more of this demonic madness. Just in case any of you were wondering what those loud rumbling and pounding noises were about an hour ago, that was my bed, and me screaming.

I can't stay in there anymore. So if any of you see me roaming the halls, pacing up and down talking to myself, or passed out on the floor, it's because demon Casper won't let me sleep. Anyone got a huge sleeping pill? I don't know who you are doc, but I'm desperate. Give it to me.

Your Desperate Ghostbusting Neighbor,

Zack Price

The End

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