I Think the Confusion is Mutual...?

I didn't write the last line - if I were to guess, the author seems to be referring to Warlock and his recent job posting (as you did request his assistance previously). There has been a child running around recently...a fair assumption is that it's his daughter...? Either that, or it's a supernatural being summoned by forces unknown to add little notes to my postings. I'm no detective, but I think Occam's Razor can be trusted to point us in the right direction here.

Also, I think you're a little further west than I was expecting...I'll go ahead and admit I've never heard of the places you've mentioned. Wherever United States is, it sounds like a fascinating place - it isn't on a separate plane, is it? I've had little experience with dimensional travel, as it tends to adversely affect my health.

You seem to lead a very eventful life, Mr. Price.

- Torl

The End

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