Who's Daddy?


I'm a little confused by your last words...who's this daddy that you're referring to, and how can he help me with my ghosty problem? In response to your other questions, the west coast does have its fair share of the "living impaired," but so does every other place in the United States. Not half as much as West Virginia or other places down south. Los Angeles and San Diego have an abundance of these apparitions. Perhaps I should meet your friend sometime. We clearly seem to have a lot in common. Maybe we could send this...Casper...back to his ghostly residence and far away from me, and the rest of you.

And no, no short notice at all...unless you call throwing me in the back of a trunk after I started having a seizure and foaming at the mouth short notice. I still don't believe that's all that happened, but my fellow investigators haven't been answering a single one of my calls or letters, and I can't get a single thing out of Casper over here either. He enjoys watching me suffer, especially in the middle of the night. Little bastard!

Hope to see you around sometime.

Your Ghost Busting Neighbor,

Zack Price

The End

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