About the Silverware Golem Incident

I think it would be wise if we just leave it be for now. It should stop walking around eventually - now that it's calmed down, it seems to have taken to the cat...

Kailan Wells
Sorry I wasn't able to make it to your house warming party the other day! Rajen seemed to have enjoyed herself, and complimented your decor. 
[Neatly penned between lines: "To clarify: my exact words were that your abode and decorations therewithin  'provided a sufficient catalyst for conversation.' - Rajen"]

Zack Price
I hope your move went well, and hope it wasn't on as short a notice as I've heard some receive prior to relocating here. Pardon my asking, but does the west coast have an, er...overabundance of the "living impaired"? I only because I promised a friend I would let him know if I heard of anything of that sort - her occupation deals with arbitrating such situations. She's very passionate about her work.

And Twill, I still owe you uninterrupted tea...so help me, it will happen one of these days.

Best wishes, and I look forward to meeting everyone new in person (under less...interesting circumstances?),



[Scrawled at the bottom of the note: "i told daddy will come help you with your ghostys tomorow. - me"]

The End

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