Mr. Price

If you don’t mind, I’d like to invite myself over for some tea tomorrow.  You sound like you need someone to break the general ice, if you know what I mean, and while you’d be more than welcome to come over to my flat, I’m afraid most of my furniture is horribly scorched at the moment and it’s not very presentable.

 Your flatmate sounds ….. delightful. Don’t worry about my opinions of him,  I’m inclined to dislike people who are much fresher than he is and I have no qualms about expressing it. I highly doubt he is capable of ‘scaring me away’. I will also bring with me some lavender neck sachets if you like, they’re good at keeping unwelcome smells away.

 Don’t mind the cat, he doesn’t like anyone in particular and you’re just a particularly entertaining target for him.

Anna San-Sierne, Keeper of Co-Dependent and Elderly Exiles

The End

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