My Apologies

To My Fellow Tenants,

Hi! Just moved into the building on Monday, and am still a little shaken from my previous incident from the west coast, but at the same time, have found it oddly comforting at the same time. My name is Zack, and I comunicate with the dead for a living. I apologize if you hear strange, unexpected and loud noises from my apartment in the middle of the night, but due to a recent incident in a locked down hospital, I have been forced to reside here with my..."living impaired" room mate. My fellow investigators forced me here against my will, so when I saw this bulletin board, I figured I might as well get to know the rest of you that are forced into the same situation. I've seen some pretty strange things around here in the past few days, but I mean no offense. If I wasn't strange myself, I wouldn't be here.

I ran into the talking cat yesterday, and he doesn't seem inclined to socializing with me when my "living impaired" room mate is close at hand. I tried to explain to him my situation, but he turned his nose up at me and walked away. Hopefully the rest of you won't be as easily scared away as him. Forgive the pun. I mean no harm, I promise, but it is hard to control my problem, which is why I thought it was better to warn you about the strange noises from my apartment at all hours of the night.

-To Kailan,

I apologize for not making your housewarming party this Thursday. My room mate decided to lock me in my apartment, and refused to let me out until I told him my entire life story from beginning until end. He thinks he's a psychologist all of a sudden. Or maybe he was a psychologist, at some point in time. I have yet to get anything out of him, but I'm working on it. Had I been available to attend your party, you might not of appreciated the extra company in the form of my "living impaired" friend. I'm working on a plan to ditch him, and I probably shouldn't of said that because, guess what, the little devil is looking over my shoulder as I write this letter to you and my fellow tenants. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't make it. Maybe another time.

-To Warlock

I could use your services in a lot more ways than one, if you know what I mean. Drop by as soon as you're available! I'm in 207.


One final note to the rest of you in the building, I'm relieved that I'm not the only odd man out. Hopefully you aren't too offended or afraid to stop by and greet me. I will try and keep Casper on a short leash.

Best Regards,

Your Ghostbusting Neighbor,

Zack Price

The End

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