Dear Igor (or M. Mithtreth)

I sincerely hope that your note was written in jest. This is a largely peaceful complex and nobody goes around devouring anybody else. I think you’ll find that those sorts of activities are strictly discouraged and my advice is to curb any such behavior before it turns ill for the both of you.

I’m sorry if my writing is rather blunt but I think you’ll agree that if a /dragon/ tells you you are being uncouth, there really isn’t any excusing it. None of us here are living away from home willingly, if you would all excuse my saying so, and I myself would appreciate not giving anybody reason to force us all to uproot again.

However, if we can all agree to not eat each other I would be much obliged to have a proper introduction. Would a welcome basket be a suitable substitution for a ‘tribute’?

Twill Harbaroc

The End

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