Long Story and a Proposition...

Well, I had been away to the city of Turania on business, traveling far into the mountains of the east, and it was there that this incident occurred. Normally, I would not be quite so inclined to share the details of this incident, but for some reason I feel that I can share this with you, and I suppose no harm could come from allowing the other tenants to see this note.

While in Turania, I forgot my monthly dose of aconite (ironically enough, I need a small amount of it each month applied to the skin, but if ingested, any amount, no matter how small, would prove fatal), and therefore I was unable to prevent my... erm... negative attributes from coming out for a short time, other than to remain housebound for an entire two days and a night, in order to avoid even the slightest contact with the moon.

While I am explaining my life's story, I suppose I may as well be honest with everyone: I am a werewolf. I am sorry, I realize this is very much not ideal for anyone, but i cannot help being what I am.

Anyway, as I was saying, I was housebound for around two days because I wished to avoid the monthly full moon. However, roughly halfway through the night, when the moon was high, a fire was started in my house - it is still unknown whether this was accidental or intentional, but it does not matter, as I wound up in the street either way - and chaos ensued.

Apparently, as the seemingly endless stream of complaining townspeople informed me, I killed at least twenty cattle, five goats and ten chickens, and wounded several house pets, as well as terrifying the entire town. I agreed that perhaps it was for the best if I left, and it was recommended that I come here to settle down.

I hope your curiosity has been satisfied, and please tell your roommate once again that I am terribly sorry that she has been inconvenienced - or worse - by my presence, but I really have no other choice. If she would like to keep growing aconite, I would have no objections. I would simply ask that she does not keep it near the front door, and again, if she has an herbal block such as nightshade, I would be perfectly happy to accept a tiny sample every now and then, and the presence of her aconite may even help to keep me in check.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                             Marcus

The End

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