No Need for Apologies, Torl!

Thank-you very much for your assistance in the aconite problem. For most, I’m sure, the plant’s presence would, unless ingested, cause minimal disturbance. However, under the circumstances I find myself in, the particular plant in question is somewhat of a problem. I most certainly appreciate your help, and my most sincere apologies to your flatmate for any inconvenience. I very much hope this is not a cause for offense, but if I may ask, where exactly is your flatmate’s aconite currently placed? Also, perhaps she may be growing some nightshade along with her other plants? If so, this would present a great opportunity for some trade between us - I have recently been advised that nightshade placed around doors and windows may help to keep out the aconite. Of course, I will limit my interactions with her to this board only, as I of course wish her no undue displeasure or discomfort.

Sincerely,                                                                                                                                                   Marcus

P.S –Hltač: I see Ms. San-Sierne catches on quite quickly. I’m sure she has discerned quite accurately what my predicament is, and I am ever so grateful for the advice and invitation to tea. I certainly hope my company will not disturb the talking cat – it has already confronted me several times about my presence here, it seems my kind are not so easily accepted by those of the feline race – and no, I am not allergic to parrots.

Sincerely (for real this time),                                                                                                               Marcus

The End

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