Someone Growing Aconite?

As I have not often had occasion to travel outside of my home since my relocation to this area and have not previously made use of this board, I feel that an introduction is in order before I announce my business here: my name is Marcus Wulf. I am currently living here as a result of… unfortunate circumstances in the nearest city to my home, a small hunting town on the edge of the wilderness which surrounds this domain.

Now, I turn to my reason for posting this note: for the past few weeks, I have been plagued by a constant feeling of sickness, which has led me to inquire as to the reason for this problem. After some investigation, I have begun to wonder if, perhaps, one of my new neighbors has been growing wolfsbane or similar herbs. If you have, then please reply as soon as possible. I am sure there is some way that we can coexist and you can keep your plants, if we can simply communicate with each other.


Marcus Wulf

The End

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