An Excellent Suggestion, M. Harbaroc

I must thank you for recommending the fellow who fixed your stove - I was under the impression he was more inclined to use spells and such, but he's turned out to be quite the handyman! More surprising was that he could complete the work at all, given the bandages on his arms and hands. When I asked if it was a result of an incident with your stove, I could have sworn he muttered the word 'salamanders', but I'm almost certain it was my imagination...

I've also had the pleasure of meeting another neighbor of ours, Ms. San-Sierne. She has extraordinary abilities of communication. Since this is a public note, I suppose it's alright if I break for a moment to apologize here...

It was a pleasure to meet you, Ms. San-Sierne, but I am very allergic to your patrons. I hope this is not cause for offense.

Where was I? Ah, the reason for my writing this note is that I will be in the city once again for a few days. It seems that my mother is still very much capable of the same mischief as she was when I was a child. (From what I have been told, she won an entire bar in a high-stakes card game, but now there is question whether it was the man's property to bet in the first place...I do hope it's all an exaggeration, as it is my responsibility to reason with her, according to my family.)

Now that the kitchen is significantly less flooded, I hope we might have lunch when I return.

Until then,


The End

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