Dear M. Warlock (assuming the male as I believe the feminine is still Witch)

I have read your inquiry and though most of your services seem to be of a dreadfully violent sort, I think I may have a job for you anyway. You see my stove hasn’t been working properly for several weeks now, and while I can light it manually it bothers my neighbors. Also I am running out of niter.

I know it doesn’t entail murder parties or hexes, but if you have a spell handy for simple repair-work, I’m willing to pay full price for a comparable or equitable spell in your preferred field.

I am in the apartment to the left of M. Kalhin’s (my door has no numbers on it, they seem to have all gone missing). Or you can reply with a note on this board, whichever fits your conveniences.

Twill Harbaroc

P.S.—I am afraid I might have singed the edge of your note a little bit. The talking cat startled me as I was tacking up my note. He does not approve of my thumbtack-hoarding and called me out on it.

The End

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