Occultist For Hire

Have the perfect way to get revenge, but don't have the otherworldly influence to make it happen? Think your partner is cheating on you, but you can't conjure a spirit minion to spy on them? Need a convenient explosion?

Then you should hire someone who does that stuff - me.

Possible services include...

  • Hexes, curses, ill omens (real or imagined)
  • Seances, summoning, or other spirit conjuring
  • Astrological readings
  • Enchantments (items, people, etc.)
  • Wards against malevolent spirits or individuals
  • Appraisal of ancient artifacts
  • Murder mystery parties
  • General thaumaturgy
  • Other nonstandard magicks

Contact for pricing. Today!

[beneath is crudely drawn (in many colors of crayon) a star, a little cauldron, and a very angry stick figure, and in the bottom corner there is an intricate crest stamped in red ink]

don't singe this paper or I swear I will end you

The End

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