Thank You for the Kind Wishes

My flatmate is under expert care now, and assures me that she is feeling much better. She also promises not to "rescue any amateur chemist from his own stupidity [sic]" ever again. (I assured her many times I was in no danger, as I was properly equipped to handle the venomous little devils, but no matter.)

To answer the question you posed during our last written correspondence, yes, it is generally accepted practice to bury the dead in the vicinity of a church, but the university's graveyard exists under unusual circumstances. Some years ago, the graveyard of the local church was full, and as there is a seminary as a part of the building and at the time no other open land was available within the city, it was deemed appropriate to use the land belonging to the school. This was cause for controversy then, as some compromises had to be made which some found a little objectionable...the whole story is riddled with inconsistencies, and the details themselves are vague, but an abundance of rumors exist to sate the appetites of the curious.

On a different note, it's good to see that the board is getting some use outside of our contributions.  Perhaps this activity will encourage others to take advantage of its presence.

I'll be on my way back to the city shortly after posting this, but I'll be returning before the week's end.


[scrawled beneath the signature]

tell Anna her poem is still bad and it's ruining the bulletin board

The End

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