Not-So-Anonymous Note Writer

I believe ‘bad foot’ is an understatement, and the tortoise isn’t my ‘pet’ any more than he’s your welcome mat. Though if you keep calling him a turtle he might take it in his head to plant himself down for a good long while, even if your face gets melted off right on top of him.

Maybe you should take it up with your mystery tyrant employers and explain to them how you can’t even problem-solve around an old tortoise at the door, I’m sure they’d think it a right good asset for a well-rounded employee to not think beyond shoving, complaining, and foul-mouthed language.

Most unimpressed,
Anna San-Sierne

 P.S.— I will entreat him to go a few feet further down the hall as I sense your impending ineptitude to do so yourself.

P.P.S. — I am never late to anything.

The End

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