Another Anonymous Note


Gonna say we got off on the wrong foot there. Right.

Even if it wasn't more than my livelihood at stake it's still common courtesy to, you know. Keep your pets to yourself. I thought that was something people understood. Last time I was in a place where free-range pets were a thing, it was some backwards outpost and I'd been arrested for touching the "goods" in the market before making eye-contact with the broker.

I'll try to show you how important this is...let's pretend for a minute you aren't familiar with the sensation of flesh melting off your face when you're a no-show for an important business deal. I'm sure there's someone out there who isn't. Easy assumption to make. Maybe you understand how bad it sucks to be late, maybe not. In case you don't I'll put it in terms you will understand: reptiles are a delicacy where I come from.

So, I'll say it again - move the dars tsuu öme hadtne turtle.

The End

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