To Whom It May Concern

Home to those ostracized by society for their unconventional talents, a community of uniquely gifted individuals grows together through use of (occasionally hostile) notes posted to a public bulletin board.
This story takes place in a general high fantasy setting - any and all character types are welcome, and any chapter length is acceptable (as long as the site will take it).

Dear Sir, Madam, or Other residing in flat 107:

I apologize for the impersonal nature of this letter - had I known your name, I would have used it. When I inquired as to the owner of the property next to mine (yours, of course), the landlord found a number of convenient ways to deflect my question. His reasons for doing so are understandable, I suppose, as it really is none of my business; however, it does leave me in the uncomfortable position of not knowing who you are. Introducing myself sooner might have prevented this problem, but that would have required my considering it sooner...unfortunately for the situation at hand, I am not, as it were, a generally social creature.

As we haven't met, perhaps now is a good time to introduce myself: I am Torl Kalhin, a specialist in, er...holistic medicine, and non-traditional remedies. My work has led me here on account of a few misunderstandings with the authorities our fair city, Holglenn. (How was I to know my cure for premature thinning of the hair would cause a rash of warts if applied by a bare hand? Or that my sobering tonic would cause such remarkable memory loss in anyone over the age of 40? Academically fascinating, but the consequences were...I digress.) Needless to say, I have tried to keep to myself since then - with some success until recently.

To business, then: I've heard complaints about the...disturbances coming from your flat. Most of them have been from my flatmate. Actually, all of them. She is a generous woman, all things considered, but her patience is a bit lacking - a truly generous, remarkable, forgiving woman with a talent for reading upside-down. In addition to the noise, she has also complained about the smell - I am not entirely sure if the odor of sulfur is coming from your flat or mine (as I have recently attempted to create a golem - a terrible idea to be executed in such a small room), but I do wonder if we aren't by chance individuals with similar interests.

Rather than simply criticize your way of living, I feel this could become an opportunity for us to grow as a community, as it appears that few of us have interacted with each other since our relocation outside of the city. There are a number of areas for improvement, and I believe we could become better neighbors as a consequence if we are all willing to do our part. To encourage interaction, I have taken the liberty of posting this bulletin board, upon which this letter has been placed. In addition to eagerly awaiting your reply, resident (or residents?) of 107, I welcome anyone who would wish to post a notice on this board to do so.

Thank you very much for your consideration,


P.S., I would really appreciate it if the owner of the grey and white cat would keep it indoors. Receiving death threats from a feline is genuinely discomforting, and having a cat address me at all has made me question my sanity on more than one occasion.

The End

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