Letters to Ella- day 42

dearest Ella,

I'm so sorry that I havn't written lately, my wrist was screwed up and my computer is now taking it's revenge on me. I'm writting this at school right now (don't worry, I'm not avoiding my work, I actually don't have anything to do).

I miss you more than ever  today because I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and I was an idiot and forgot to charge my cellphone so it's dead at home. I wish I had it because I don't get home until nine thirty tonight, it's going to be a very very long day.

This morning was a very bad day for the tech crew as we were missing the good camera (somebody signed it out and hasn't returned it yet) and the equiptment was acting up again. Zack was going to explode by the end of it all and I think he might have after he and Jack were told of  and blamed for the technical problems. Otherwise, there's this new niner who is driving me up the wall. He's really stuck up and acts like he's so much better than me and know's so much more than I do about how the studio works when he doesn't at all and he's walked in ten minuts late and announced that I won't be on camera because he wants to instead. This morning he kept telling me off and giving me the 'I'm smarter than you' thing and I just left and then Lerchner accidentally locked me in between the floor and the sound room (he was a little drunk thisn morning).

I can't wait for tomorrow, I miss you so much,

all my love, forever yours,


The End

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