letters to Ella-day 25

dearest Ella, 

today was hell. I broke down and told miss what was wrong and she told the admin. The admin called my parents and my parents texted me in tech asking me to call them so we could have a talk. I read the text, blanched and ran out of the room into the sound booth. Elizabeth came in and the second she asked what was wrong I burst out crying and couldn't stop. I don't know what happened, all I remember was walking into the drama room and asking miss if I could talk to her and next thing I knew I was in the sound booth crying hysterically into Liz's shoulder. A half hour later I calmed down enough to call my parents but I got into a fight with my dad and ended up yelling 'F you' at him and hanging up (thank gawd for the soundproofed box) and then bursting into tears again. I'm sorry for suddenly going silent, I should have warned you in some way or at least said I had to go. 

On the bright side I got jabbed in the ribs/body slammed by a girl in the hall today so that she could show off how great she was. I also managed to make my history class hate me even more because I knew how to fix the projector. In addition, a simply wonderful event happened today, I failed a major assignment in english. 

In the end I got so stressed that I cut my arm twice, one of which bled a fair bit. Needless to say, I would sum up today as simply perfect. In honesty I would have to say that I hate myself today with a passion. Those *name for a female dog* are right, I really do deserve to be in pain.

I'm sorry that this letter isn't exactly a reply to yours, I promise that when I can think straight I'll reply properly, I hope you're doing alright.

All my love and heart and soul, 

anna     (yes I know that i didn't capitalize my name, today is one of those days where i don't feel like I'm worth enough for a capital at the beginning of it)

The End

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