Letters to Ella-day 23

My dearest Ella, 

I'm sorry that I didn't write yesterday, I didn't get home until after nine at night. My gosh that was an insane night! After school I had drum line until about five thirty, over two hours of drumming constantly. After that I was hanging out with Liz until orchestra It was nice to see her, I haven't been able to see her much lately. I'm sorry I left you worrying but I didn't think Liz would take to kindly to me texting you while we were talking (and the subject matter combined with my texting would have made for a very awkward situation). At seven I had to go to orchestra and my mom gave me a bit of grief for only coming ten minutes early  (cause gosh knows what can happen when you come five minutes later than planned). Orchestra was good because I got promoted to principal second violin (section leader) and it was nice to finally get to do. Also, one of the pieces that we played was so much fun, it was so hard but sounded insanely cool! 

I must admit that through all of it I missed you terribly through all of it though, I don't think you ever left my mind. Every time I thought about the weekend I would blush (so my cheeks were rather pink the whole night). I missed you even more today because for some reason every other girl in my row of lockers was talking about their dates (and a few were with boyfriends too) and all I could think of was wishing I could be with you again. I know, I'm an idiot but it's true. It was even worse in history because of the movie we were watching, in the part we were watching today the main character is trying to get to the girl he loves but he can't (it was particularly bad as she gets shot). I think that a few of my friends (not that there's many of them)  think I have either a huge crush on a guy or have a boyfriend because I blush so much when certain things are brought up. Apparently my diversions are getting better though. 

I would write more about today but it was hellish so I'd rather just leave it at this for tonight. 

yours always, 

all my love (and heart and soul), 


p.s. I'm exhausted so this letter is going to be terribly written and it most likely won't make any sense. It would be nice if I could see what I'm typing through the fog. 

The End

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