Letters to Ella-day 20

Dearest Ella, 

I had a wonderful  time today, I really did. I still can't believe that this is real, it seems too good to be true, like this is all a dream. I keep expecting to wake up and realize that it really is but so far I'm thrilled to say that it's real as...well...reality. It's funny because I keep thinking that I'm happier than I ever will be but then it gets better. I swear that this weekend is the best weekend that I'll ever have. I haven't been  happier in my life either, my dearest Ella.  

I can't even begin to describe how happy I was today when I was with you. I swear that there were moments when I completely forgot the world. It was truly the perfect day (and not just because the weather was beautiful) and I wish it could have lasted forever. Sadly though, it's now dark, but at least we have tomorrow. In any case I can't even put into words how happy I am about today (though I miss you like heck, it feels like I'm missing half of myself now).  I'm still amazed at what happened today (I'll let you infer what I specifically mean as I doubt that you'll want me saying it in this letter) and I can't believe that it happened, I really hope it did. I really hope that you won't regret it (no matter how many times you promise me that you won't regret it I still worry). Thank you so much for absolutely everything, 

yours always, 

all my love (and heart and soul), 

anna <3

The End

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