letters to Ella-day 19

Dearest Ella, 

it's finally friday. I can't believe it's finally friday. After all this waiting it's finally here! I'm so excited to see you, I can't wait! All day I've been coming up with ways to make the time seem shorter, thankfully I got signed out of class to help with the sound system for the pep rally and football game (our team actually won this time, I'm amazed). It was so loud that we had to wear ear protection so I've got a huge headache now, it's alright though, the excitement of seeing you again outweighs any pain. 

I can't wait to see you, I have something for you I really hope you like it). It seems so close that I'm bouncing up and down with excitement (much to my mom's speculation). I'm also really scared to tell you what I have to and I'm really wondering what it is that you have to tell me. I really rally hope that you're alright love, I really do. See you very soon, 

all my love, 


The End

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