letters to Ella-day 18

Dearest Ella, 

today was long, I missed you a lot. I swear classes took twice as long as they should have. We had to have our peers edit our english papers and all I could think the whole time is how much I wished I was here reading your letters instead of reading some idiots paper on pot. This one guy asked me to read over his paper and I must say that the paper had soon changed color from dingy white to scarlet from all the ink! He wasn't too pleased I must say (but seriously, the paper was terrible).  

We had a tech meeting today and we got to play with dry ice for the entire time. Ginger was learning how to juggle as well, I'd love to see the minutes that he as supposed to take, "exchanged horror stories, played with dry ice (ex making it explode, playing 'air hockey' with it, creating cups of cold steam) taught crew members how to juggle, went for fast food, ended meeting''. I wish you could have seen the dry ice, it was pretty cool (especially when we exploded things with it).  

I can't wait to see you tomorrow, I have something to tell you. I'm scared that you'll hate me for it though, Oh Ella, what if you do hate me? Please....please don't hate me.

all my love, 


The End

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