Letters to Ella-day 17 pt 2

Dearest Ella, 

I just realized that actually did say that the letter was going to be short, I thought it would be but....well you know what happens when I start writing to you. I wish I could help you too, I really do. As for the wishes,  there are things I can't say either. I wish I could but I...I...I can't. I'll look up the poem as soon as I can. 

How is the fish doing? I bet it's very pretty! I can't wait, to see it (and can't wait to see you, but I guess that's sort of a given). Did you get the two fish set up? 

I guess that this is going to be a short letter (for real this time) because english calls me to it's tedious rituals, I must go and hunt down those dastardly ' comma splices' and suck or I'll be in over my head. I wonder what would happen if my teacher read my stories....

He'd kill me.

all my love, 


The End

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