letters to Ella-why I'm sad (well a big part of it)

1. I miss you so much that it actually hurts.

2.I have almost no friends in my classes

3. I miss seeing Elizabeth outside of school

4. I feel like Pat it using me

5. I miss you 

6. I'm worried about you

7. I'm sick and it just keeps getting worse

8. I desperately want to cut my arm tomorrow

9. I'm probably going to cut my arm tomorrow, but idk if I can get away from Liz so I can do it. It's easier if we're in a group so all I can do is hope for that

10. I miss you

11.friday seems ages away

12. my dad is STILL away

13. my mom is yelling at me

14. I hate myself

15. I feel guilty

16. my english teacher scares me

17. my mom is yelling at me

18. I'm hiding something from everybody, including myself 

The End

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