Letters to Ella- from Malaise to Maladie

Dear Malaise, 

sorry it's been so long, this idiot keeps putting off helping me write this to you. She's gotten too wrapped up in her own letters to bother listening to me lately. Sure she's always hugging me and takes me everywhere with her (I've got a second home in her locker, right on top of a box of pins that holds up the books) but you would think she could take just a minutes to write a letter from me? Hmph. So I'm typing this on my own (though it's taking me an age because of the sheer size of the keyboard. Oh well, it's worth it. 

Since I've seen you last I've lost an eye and had to have surgery to get another one. Also my head split open (that was one heck of a headache) so I had to have surgery for that. I was brought up north to a camp with mice in the cabins for a week and these prissy girls started commenting on how creepy I looked. That really hurt but Anna snapped at them and sat hugging me for the rest of the night which was nice. I made friends with some mice but they chewed the thread on my nose so it's coming off. After that Anna put Oliver (thats what he told me he was called but then again I've learned not to trust the little...well you get what I'm trying to say). 

Anna's been really sick a lot and she cries almost every day so I'm getting a lot of hugs (though I'm getting rather tear soaked some nights). Is Ella doing better? I bet she is but I might as well ask because I've read some of their letters and Anna seems sadder when Ella is. How are you? What is life in a dorm like for a doll? Is Ella's roommate being nice to you? I hope so, 

yours truly, 


The End

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