Letters to Ella-day 15

Dearest Ella, 

today wasn't exactly great, I was sick and depressed all day so I didn't do much. My mom is making me go to school tomorrow even though I feel worse than I did this morning. Great. I keep debating on weather to make myself throw up though I'm too scared to. It's weird, I'm sick every single day but today I can't take it. Oh well, it's probably some higher power punishing me for being such a horrible person lately. 

How are you doing? I was going to ask if nicky was still away but I forgot it's monday so I guess that answers my question. What was something good that happened today? Something bad? Something weird? I don't know, I've just talked to you a lot today so I'm just searching for something to say.

Malaise says hello, she misses you and Maladie a lot lately, she's been yelling at me a lot for forgetting to send Maladie her love so the next letter I'm sending you is from Malaise. 

Miss you lots, three and a half days seems like an age, 

all my love, 


The End

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