Letters to Ella-the result of anxiety

dear ella, 

what's wrong? What's wrong? Please, just tell me what's wrong. I know you won't tell me what you say you need to tell me until we meet, but I get the feeling that there's much more thats hurting you. Something is wrong, I can tell, not just from your letters, not just this weird 'esp' thing that seems to come up a lot. You seem like something is really hurting you, you seem like you're in so much pain. You aren't hurting yourself are you? I guess that you probably are but I still hope that you aren't (though if you are, don't just hide it from me because you're afraid of upsetting me). Have I hurt you? I guess that I already know the answer to that one. Ella, I am so so sorry. I'm so sorry for everything. No matter what it is that's hurting you, if it's me or not, I'm so so sorry for putting you through all of this. I'm sorry. Just please Ella, please be alright.....please....please...please be alright.

The End

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