Letters to Ella-Day 10

dearest Ella, 

don't worry about yesterday, it was hectic for me too. Hope you're doing okay. I thought about you pretty much constantly yesterday. I know, that's probably going to weird you out if you ever read this but it's true. You're on my mind a lot, particularly today and yesterday. I miss you terribly. 

So, you DID avoid that work. Did you get it done alright? What's the course load like? Are you keeping up with it okay? 

Life is...is... I'm not even sure, it hurts to much so I've just gone numb to it. Classes seem to go on forever and I'm developing a very strong dislike for my english teacher. My history class is actually quite interesting though, thanks to our very creative teacher. I'm still not really sure how everyone is doing, other than Liz I still haven't seen too much of anybody you would know (or really anybody actually). Kyle should have a niece soon though, he seems to be doing well, seems happy. Zack is going through another period where he treats everyone like crap (particularly his friends) so he hasn't spoken to me much. I wish you were here. I know that's  horrible of me to wish, I bet you're so much happier where you are. Somehow I can't stop wishing it though. I keep thinking it's going to get easier to be away from you but it hasn't. 

The fish in the big tank are, as usual, soaking wet and immersed in their fake ocean world. The beta is going through a drought (her tank is getting dangerously low on water) and a by no fault but my own is facing slow starvation because I can't get up the energy to yell at my sister to give the fish food back. Thinking of bringing the rabbit upstairs because he's better company (wow that's even more pathetic than the fact that I just wrote a whole paragraph on the fish).  

I miss you so much right now, I'd give anything to be able give you a hug. 

All of my love (really, all of it) , 


p.s. sorry if my letters are excruciatingly long, I just start to write them and all of a sudden the word count hits the thousands. 

The End

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