Letters to Ella-Day 7

Ella my love, 

yes, I miss you. I miss you so much that I feel like my heart's ripped out and you've taken it with you. I've stopped speaking for the most part, I think Liz is getting scared because I won't tell her what's wrong. I cut a heart into my arm but it doesn't fill the cavity where my heart used to be. Do you miss me? I hope you do because I'll feel stupid if I miss you this much and you don't miss me at all. But then again you'd be happier if you didn't miss me, I'm not worth the sadness that missing me would bring (or would it? Would missing me make you sad or would you just brush it off?).  It feels like a nightmare here too.

How was your weekend? I know you were on your own but still, was it at least quiet? I hope you're doing okay. Don't avoid your work because it's going to pile up soon and you're going to have a lot of stress finishing it in the end (and we both know you don't need anymore stress). I hope your weekend was okay at least. 

Have a lovely day tomorrow, good luck

all my love, 


The End

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