Letters to Ella-Day 6

Ella dear, 

I can't ever get tired of your letters, and I can never get sick of you (especially when I miss you this much). I'm wondering what the social freakout was because I worry when you say things like that. I can't help it, you mean so much to me so I worry when bad things happen to you. How are your classes? Are they going well? Is drama better than in high school? 

Life is sad, lonely and empty. It's becoming a bloody horror scene (I'll leave it to you to figure out that reference there). I hope you're doing better than I am though I have a feeling you aren't. I hope I'm wrong. Home is even worse because every time I walk home I think of saying goodbye to you, maybe I really have lost it. Is it crazy to want to cry every time you walk up your street just because of one moment that happened there? I hope not because that's how I'm feeling right now. I miss you so much, I can't even put it into words.

In all honesty I'm not sure how everyone's doing because I'm alone all the time. Today  Liz went out to lunch so I sat by my locker and read a book. Nobody else talks to me outside of class anymore. At one point during that agonizing hour I saw Alice and she asked why I was on my own, what was wrong? Hoping that she won't tell her sister that I was on my own because Liz would kill me.  Alice wants to come up and visit you soon, hope she can. I bet you'd really like that. 

I hate the thought of you being lonely so often, I hope that you make some friends soon so that you can feel better. There's nothing wrong with being a dorm recluse, I just hope that you're doing alright. Are you doing alright? I really really hope so.

I miss you,

I love you, 


The End

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