Letters to Ella-Day 3

Hello my dear friend, 

Don't worry too much about not being able to come home this weekend, it's not like you can help it. Besides, maybe over the weekend you'll be able to get a little more settled in because you don't have classes. No, you aren't annoying me at all, I hope you're doing okay, you seem sad. 

School is school, the usual horrors. Over the summer I seem to have lost a good number of friends, maybe it's just that they're distracted because we've just started back that they aren't responsive. Oh well at least I've got Elizabeth (though I really wish it was you here too). I like art class though it's very anxiety inducing, especially as I got marked absent twice in a row for some reason. English is alright, we wrote a paragraph which I'm happy about. Hoping that I did well on it. My teacher seems a bit odd so I'm sure it'll prove interesting. For civics we have one of the computer rooms and my teachers voice makes my hair stand on end because it's so high pitched. I'm not too sure about history, our teacher seems nice but I'm not a big fan of history classes.

For some reason I keep putting our new lives in a parallel view, like in a kids tv show where they show the two situations w a line in the middle to separate them. I can see you and Nicky on the other side exploring campus together and wonder what you're up to right now. Are you having fun? Will you start to forget about me soon? I hope not.

I just wish you were here, it feels so weird without you. I walked past your locker and  the girl who's there now is a total biatch (trust me, I've been in her classes) it's like there's a hole in my chest where my heart used to be. Do you miss me as much as I miss you? Probably not. I miss you so much that it's actually physical pain. 

Hope that your first day of classes goes well tomorrow, I know it will. Good luck.

lots of Love,


The End

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