To the real Ella

This is a series of conversations and letters to my dear friend Ella. The real Ella.
I know that they won't carry much interest to many people but at this point it really doesn't matter. These are letters for Ella even though she may never read them, she is the only one who I really care about reading this.

Dear Ella,

a girl you barely knew posted that she couldn't take it anymore, you asked her if she needed somebody to talk to, she put down the razor blade in her hand and said yes. You talked to her for a full hour and the next day you gave her something that would keep her alive when there was nothing else. Not only that, but you talked to her every day and never went away. You helped her more than you will ever know. you saved her life. You gave her a reason to stay alive. You gave her love You can't ever go to hell after something like that. Nobody who saves a life can go to hell  

more than anything, I'm glad that you're alive .

I love you, 


The End

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