A Drift Between The Lines of Love (Drift Part II)Mature

To prepare for my new story, here's something. But unlike my usual, I'm going to let you add on anything you wish. Just think of something you want to write and fly. No limits, just tag a friend when you're done to two and leave the third open. And yes you can tagback. :3

(Authors Note: This was just an idea that popped in my head.  You don't need to do this style AT ALL, or anything.  Just have fun with the writing process.  Write a short story, allegory, poem, doesnt matter to me.)

You wanted a heart that sang to your soul

Are the sorrowsongs making you whole?

Beautiful is this broken shell of mine, that yearns for you once more

You craved it to be yours and

Have it painted on yourself forevermore

This one is yours

(Ripped and tattered) and yours alone

Heart beating from my chest in psychopathic motion to my lovers own

It's all I can loan

Defective and bled close

And in your scars, your designs of better life are unjustly denied

 Broken dreams all the time

You are the angel of my night

Are the thing I want to hold tight

My life is yours

Future foretold by Him once more

Dear love, name unknown, postmarked to


Perception defined through a bitter mans eyes

Defines his existence and threw it to strife

Who knows what he’s like

He dances to his new soul

Thinks, does the devil, that his life is in order

We don’t need it do we? 

Can we survive his bitter lies

 Be unafraid, and close your eyes

You are the infinite compassion of all you seek to gain from others

Love is your reward sent from the divine

Because you fought for it and risked your life

You know the pain of a lost girl in the rain

Love is defined by actions taken by a roll of the dice

You are the reason I write the things I do

Will forever have the key to my soul

Never forget that you matter to me in ways I could not express for sure

Stop dreaming, it’s real, and drifting between the lines of love.

Being forgotten in spurts of insanity

Loved for the reality

The path we tread is our own

Broken and bleeding we move on

Heart lost in times of strife

You carry on

Have faith in my words

Is it over in the darkness?

Beautiful are the shadows, we enter together.

The End

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