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As the door to the sleek black car opens, I realize what's happening. Jerking back, and turning I make a run for it. The soft tap of my shoes against the pavement escalates as I run faster and faster. The streetlamps become a blur, and I take a left. Then a right. In the distance I see the brightness of a headlight, and take another wild turn to avoid my kidnappers. Sprinting with every last fiber of energy I have left, I see a late night burger joint about 2 blocks down. Right behind me I hear the screech of the tires, but don't look back for fear of falling. So much for come quietly.

With my legs racing to fast for my mind to do much, I don't come up with anything close to a plan. The only thought I can process is, Get to the Burger King. So, with the bright headlights leading the way, I kick it into high gear. But unfortunately, a car's high gear is quite a lot faster than mine. I hear them gaining on me and my attempt at escape, and my mind is startled into a thought process. I see the rocks that fill the Hansen's driveway, and make a turn which turns into something like a duck and roll, I fill my hands with the largest rocks I happen to roll into. Ignoring the tiny pieces of gravel that have found their way into my skin, I jump up and start firing the stones without any thought to aim. More find their way into the Hansen's mailbox than to my opponents, and a few bouncing of the hoods of what I see as 3 cars all giving me the spotlight from their headlights. I stop for a second to compose myself for an actual hit. Selecting the biggest rock from around my feet I look to the middle car that I recognize to be the car I was about to get in. Drawing back like an MLB pitcher I make eye contact with the driver. His eyebrows slowly raise, and he gives me the look as if to say, "Do you really want to do that?"

I allow a small smile and mutter under my breath, "Yes, I do." And I let the rock fly. I never was much of a baseball player, so when it goes sideways I can't say I'm very shocked. However I am most definitely in awe when the rock still makes contact with another car. The car on the right is the victim when the sizable stone flies full speed into the top left corner of the windshield. A web of cracks run rampant, until finally, the windshield shatters completely, leaving in it's wake a very appalled group of rebels. I hardly have enough time to admire my handy work before I realize that my favored destination is right down the street. Kicking up gravel and throwing a few spare rocks behind me that most likely do no good, I make my way towards the glowing haven of Burger King. However, I make my way considerably slower as I look down and see the gashes in my legs that my stop, drop, and roll caused. Growing slightly nauseous at the sight of the leaking blood, I carry on towards the bright lights of the restaurant.

I find myself hobbling across the parking lot, leaning momentarily on one of the cars already parked there. Looking behind me I see the cars circling around, no doubt trying to obtain the advantage and leaving me no easy way out. Fleeing to the doors, I burst in much to the surprise of the eating customers. The employee at the back making french fries rushes to the front. 

Frantically he asks, "Are you alright? Do you need any help?" I nod.

"Lock the doors immediately and call 911 and explain that there's a girl named Lysandra that's being followed and kidnapped by the rebels." I peek outside the windows and see them taking their time. They open their trunks and take out a piece of dark clothing. One by one they put them on, and I realize that it's a disguise so others won't recognize them and be able to find them on the security cameras. 

An older woman shyly speaks up; "Are you sure you're fine?"

I halt in the middle of my nodding; "Actually, does anybody have a bandaid and some antiseptic?"

The End

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