To the End

A rebel group of all ages and races come together from all over the world to overthrow their collapsing politicians from every government.

I am woken up by the sound of a pause. Jerking awake, I realize that I had been listening to the quiet plink of the gutter right above my window. There was a crack, which allowed just enough rainwater to slip through one little drop at a time. Suddenly, it had gone silent just long enough for me to realize the hesitation. Slowly I sit up, wincing at the creaking in my bed, and look out my window. In the moonlit night I see what I feared: a group of people barely noticeable in the dark but wearing the dark green sashes around their waist that I've come to dread. I had seen them only a few times before, walking down the street, always together, never talking, but instead gazing at everyone they passed. Never in an inappropriate or rude manner, but at the same time, disconcerting. They constantly seemed to be on the search for something, or as I'm starting to conclude; someone.

And now here they were. A few times I had gone to town with my friends of family, and I had seen them. Every time, they always looked at me as if trying to convey that they were coming for me. Frozen by terror, I continue to gaze out the window, only to see a tall, gruff looking man gesture for me to come outside. The moment his hand moves, I fall back on my bed, pull the covers up, and attempt to believe it's a dream. Not less than 30 seconds later I hear a quiet scratching against my window. My heart skips probably seven beats, and then stops completely when I realize they have forced my window open as I feel the rush of air. Attempting a peek out from under my blankets, I see a thin woman working her way around my room. I jump from my bed, holding my pillow like a rifle.

"What are you doing?" She asks in a surprisingly gentle voice.

"Leave!" I hope that she doesn't hear my voice shake. She laughs. Reaching forward she grabs my pillow in one quick move, and stuffs it into a bag.

"Grab what you need, clothes, personal hygiene, shoes, and a personal valuable," she pauses, "maybe two if it's small." 

I get to work, finding myself unable to confront her. Was I being kidnapped by the famous worldwide rebel group? Were they going to kill me?

With record timing I got through my closet throwing in outfit after outfit, get my shoes, hygiene, and then I come to my valuables. Selecting our most recent family photo, I carefully place it in the bag. Then I grab a small model ship that I got on a family trip to Oregon, and turn around to the woman. She holds out her hand.

"I'm Shihong, pleased to make your acquaintance." I look closer at her as I reluctantly reach out my hand, and see her almond shape eyes.

"Lysandra." I force out. Shihong nods, as if that's what she came to know, and then takes my hand and leads me to the window. Before I know it she's pushing me out the window towards the others. I can't help but feel as if they are sizing me up like a piece of meat. I try to find courage, and am met with it. I lift my head, and feel the adrenaline begin to pulse through me. Without a second thought I begin to ask the question weighing heavily on my mind.

"Are you going to kill me? What did I do?" I address this to the tall man who motioned to me earlier. 

"Well," he begins in a voice fitting his stature, "I can't say that we are going to. That all depends on the assignments your given, and how much your hated." His answer gains a nod of approval and some shy smiles from the others.

"Hated? Assignments? What did I do?" I repeat my question again.

"You passed our assessment. We need you to come join our forces. And I regret to say that you really don't have much of a say in it. The only power you have is how you deal with it. Now, we'd best be going." He finishes, deliberately cutting off any more questions. I then find myself in a tight circle of people, leading me somewhere. After a couple of blocks, we come to several cars, which many of them depart into. Another block, and I'm led to another car. And another life.

The End

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