Too far gone

You were a Leader of Men,

And I was in too Deep,

Don't ever let it end,

Cause there I was,

Trying not to love you.

Too bad, maybe I'd be yours Someday,

But right now,

I just wanna be that Someone that your with.

You are a Hero,

And I'm too Far Away,

And Because of you,

I'm holding on to heaven,

Singing a lullaby,

Feeling like I gotta be somebody else.

She's a midnight queen,

And I'm just an old photograph,

You stood there, yanking out my heart,

Shakin' hands, that drop dead smile,

I guess I'll learn the hard way.

Maybe if today was your last day, you'd hold out your hand,

This is how you remind me of the old days,

Never again will I make that mistake.

Kiss it goodbye and burn it to the ground.

I don't wanna do this anymore.

(( songs from the amazing Nickelback))

The End

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