Dear John

Today was the BEST DAY of my life. It felt like TODAY WAS A FAIRYTALE. Our day was ENCHANTED. 
But what's this? You're singing MARY'S SONG without me? I thought that song was OURS! 
My parents used to tell me, NEVER GROW UP. Now I know why. There are people like you, who are just MEAN. 
I used to feel SAFE &SOUND in your arms, now I sleep with my EYES OPEN, thinking BACK TO DECEMBER, when your love was MINE. 
IF THIS WAS A MOVIE, then you would COME IN WITH THE RAIN. I would see your BEAUTIFUL EYES and we would be together FOREVER AND ALWAYS. 
But instead I have I HEART ? written on the back of my hand, HAUNTED by OUR SONG playing on the radio, watching the TEARDROPS ON MY GUITAR run like little rivers until they fall to the ground. 
So it looks like the STORY OF US ended with our LAST KISS on my porch, you on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR. 
To me, you are just another PICTURE TO BURN. 
Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, WE ARE NEVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER. 
All songs written and performed by the amazing Taylor Swift. :-)

The End

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