Living With The Monster

Living with the monster

Inside. Broken, born for this

Insanity. Sighs growing

When all I wanted was to adore

Misguided ghosts like raindrops

And my thunder above.

Beating, my heart is waiting,

For the final tear to drop

(Crush- crush- crush),

For nonsense is playing God

With all my second-guessing.

There is no miracle to

Decode this life.

In this misery business,

The only exception is that

I breathe in whispers of the dark;

A conspiracy is growing,

Brick by boring brick, now

It tumbles to the floor

(All we know is falling),

Two insights, two parts,

In amongst the fences.

And, in total, halves to hearts,

We are broken.


(song titles from Paramore)

The End

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