Tell Me Something I Don't Know

I'm waiting for when the sun goes down
Because that's when we hit the lights
Bang a drum and dance to music
Not a care in the world

Then you appeared
From the middle of nowhere
It was like there was a spotlight
Trained on you alone

I was surprised by the crush I felt
Even more so by how naturally we spoke
But the night ended too soon
And I found myself wanting more

The hours that passed so slow
Felt like a year without rain
I was feeling whiplash
Of the harshest kind

But everything goes round & round
And like a rock god you were there
I felt myself falling down
I never loved no one
Like the way I loved you

I got you wrapped round my finger at last
That's more like it
But my dilemma became clear
When I managed to overhear

"Who says things like that?"
Was all you came to say in your defence
"I won't apologise"
Your next words were like a knife

Just what was really going on?
I still don't know
But there’s a ghost of you
Living in my house
And I'm sick of you
Calling everyday

When will the words finally register
"I don't miss you at all"
Stop and erase every memory please
I thought I could kiss & tell
That you were going to stay true

But you wandered off the chain
Your so-called intuition ran away
Now you're an outlaw in this heart of mine
You claim I'll come running back
Tell me something I don't know

Songs by Selena Gomez :)

The End

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