Dead Man Walking

Just another dead man walking
Got nothing to remember me by

But this endless indecision
Between science & faith
All these exit wounds
The end where I begin

I keep wondering
Is anybody there?
You said you fall for anything
And I said I'm yours
It should've stayed easy

But now you walk away
If you ever come back
I'll be waiting
I'll be the man who can't be moved
Just for you

I wish I could talk you down
Before the worst comes to pass
Why get to the point where we cry?
It's not do or die
Don't tell me your long gone and moved on
Don't tear me with your for the first time
I found someone right

I'm waiting for us to breakeven
For you to see past my rusty halo
You won't feel a thing though

And I'm stuck here in this in between
Trapped between science & faith
I'm just another dead man walking

Songs by The Script :)

The End

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