Who's that girl?
Did you meet her 24 hours ago?
Oh, I fade to black
As I realise too fast
Who am I fooling?
Your eyes don't care

You moved on so fast
When you let me fall so far
You waste my time
With your transparent lies
And you
You got love to burn
So tell me
Where does it hurt?

You're a natural disaster
A criminal of the heart
You pick up the pieces
But you're a liar liar
I'll find anyone but you
I'm in love with my guitar
So maybe I'll run to that

I'll take my sweet time
Telling you how I feel
Time to be your 21
Out of your hundred to come
Why am I here again?
Letting you under my skin?

Don't you dare
Move too close
I don't know if I should stay
I swear I've got
Temporary insanity
Because of you
And your over-rated ways
I need to see through the white lines
Figure out just why you are this way

I guess the breakdown
Was inevitable
You sucked the me out of me
How strong do you think I am?
Oh, when will you realise
I care for you alone
It could be me
Your searching for
There's us standing before the other
Do you see?
How much deeper this goes?

Songs by Alexz Johnson

The End

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