The Dilemma

This contagious chemistry I’m finding hard to swallow

There’s no such thing as accidental infidelity

But that’s hard to remember when I’m staring into your trophy eyes

Seeing fireworks

But I guess this is the consequence of playing the blame game

The truth is a terrible thing, and it just got a whole lot worse

I want you to stay with me, because no one does it better

But jealous minds think alike and you’ve made your bed (so sleep in it)

I feel like such an underdog

But this liquid confidence is making me feel sick

I feel reckless like I want to crash

This little bit of truth can cause nasty habits

You can kiss and tell all you want

Gossip? You call that a comeback?

Save it for the bedroom

You can take off your colours while I bite my tongue

The rumour is that the swarm is coming and time is money

But if you run, the tigers and sharks will follow

If I were in your shoes it would be safer to hate her

But I’m not

When we were younger I was your loverboy

But now I’m a wiser boy

And with just a little death, I can take your breath away

We’re so different now, but the dilemma is

That opposites, always attract


(Song titles taken from You Me At Six)

The End

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