Dear Rosemary

Dear Rosemary

I should have known

I don’t miss the misery now that you’re gone

My poor brain is on the mend

I won’t let it happen again

Stranger things have happened

But these days, I‘m not that stupid

I’m tired of walking after you

I’d rather learn to fly

Win or lose, my friend of a friend

I won’t come back to you

These February stars they free me

Drive me wild

It will be a cold day in the sun when I call you 'dear lover' again

Tell darling Nikki that Danny says 'Hi'

And I hope some other sucker has the ‘best of you’ now

All my life I’ve been back and forth between misery and loneliness

But now I have Alandria

It’s only a matter of time

Before I have it all

So in your honour

I’ll let it die

Give you a rope and a razor

And you can be the Pretender

Travelling in a white limo

For this I’ve waited everlong

See you.


(Song titles from  Foo Fighters)

The End

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