Perfect Day

I was wishing for a perfect day
When I saw you
If I knew then
That you would be dancin' away with my heart
I would've held back
After just a kiss

But no, I didn't see it coming
We we're just lookin' for a good time
Enjoying a friday night
Oh, we owned the night
And the stars tonight
Look like the ones from my memory

The love I've found in you
Was sweet as american honey
But the seasons changed
And the heart of the world looked away

I run to you hoping you'll stay
Singing me home
Like you did before
But as you turn away
I realise the wars lost

I seem to love this pain
Cause I always return
I need you now more than ever
Even though I know
You'll remain cold as stone

Oh, I always think back to those times
When you were mine
I thought our kind of love could change the world
But sorry that's not so
Well hello world it's been a while
Since I faced your reality

But still even now
Years down the line
I believe somewhere love remains
And when you want it
I'll be ready to love again

Songs by Lady Antebellum

The End

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