The Tunnel

I stare from the outside
Of your tall glass house
Waiting on the other side
For you to let me in
When it all falls down

Oh, that night is still in my mind
It was a cold day for August
But I didn't notice
I was waiting in the tunnel
Where you gave me black roses red

So tell me what happened?
Before I break the silence with a scream
I told you so
I was a cynical girl
But you swore it wouldn't matter

All words escape me
As I watch you push me out
I though it would be me
Who made a mess of you

But where are you now?
Your doing so well
Playing your domino hand so cleverly

I wasn't paranoid
When I said I was breaking
And you were meant to be
My sanctuary
But I guess I was pretty ugly
That day

Oh, another cold day for August
Waiting in the tunnel
I say goodbye lost innocence
I believed in you
And with one word
You broke me

Songs by Alana Grace

The End

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