My heart is broken

Crushed underneath the weight of the world

I can feel you pull me down, taking over me

Don’t turn out the light! 

I’m afraid


I asked you to bring me to life

But you’re on the other side

Lost in paradise

This is the end of the dream, isn’t it?

We can never go back now


Forgive me please?

We can erase this

We can wash it all away

Before the dawn

Before we lose control


You’re the only one

All that I’m living for

I surrender to my own demise

I make this sweet sacrifice

Even in death I’m not good enough for you


I will follow, wherever you will go

Your snow white queen

Holding my last breath

Waiting for that bouquet of paper flowers

But you are thoughtless


I am everybody’s fool

Haunted by my tourniquet, my immortal lacrymosa

Hello? I whisper

But you are farther away; missing and made of stone

Call me when your sober


(Song titles from Evanescence)

The End

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