My Heart Still Beats

The only friends I have now

Are me, myself and i


Yes, you’ve left me speechless

But I’ll work it out


I won’t dance for you anymore

And you won’t find another woman like me


I was dangerously in love with you

Thought you were the perfect man


But my heart still beats

I’m the only survivor of your poison


I’m alone now, but I’m not scared of lonely

I won’t play the broken-hearted girl


You think I have ego problems, that I’m a diva

But you just lost yo mind


I’m gonna start over, gonna run the world

I’m gonna be crazy in love, find a new baby boy


You thought you were irreplaceable?

But all you breed is resentment


I’m not gonna to ask ‘Why don’t you love me?’

Or say ‘I miss you.’ Or ‘I care.’


I’m gonna party ‘til the end of time

Because I’d rather die young than see your brown eyes again

My story is the story of beauty 

I’m a gift from virgo


Honesty was never your thing, you’re just a beautiful liar,

Lies; that’s why you’re beautiful


If I were a boy,

I would countdown the seconds ‘til I could upgrade you


But this independent woman just hopes you disappear

Get caught with some nasty girl


Listen, I’m putting on my freakum dress, leaving my halo at home

And I’m gonna save the hero, because he doesn’t have to save me


You are the best thing I never had

Flaws and all


Sweet dreams

(Song titles from Beyoncé)

The End

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