A Twist In My Story

I’m feeling half alive tonight

Just waiting for your call

I want something more from you

I can’t just let it roll


I hate this song that’s stuck in my head

It reminds me of you

But I suppose, it’s my only hope now

Maybe it’s the last song ever


I’m all broken and vulnerable

Hear me now! Screaming for your attention

But your apathy cuts like a knife

I’m not going to pretend this doesn’t hurt


Stay close, don’t go

I just wanna fall for you again

These nightmares, they play

Even though I’m wide awake


Is there anybody out there?

Are you just playing the stranger now?

The world turns and I reach for the sky

But it’s taking so long


Is this the end of you and I?

Have we gone the distance and come up short?

Is this just a twist in my story?

The day you say goodbye.

(Song titles from Secondhand Serenade)

The End

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