Rose with Jagged Thorns

Take your false smiles
And kick me in the eye
One last cigarette
Then your 'gonna die

Because misfit me
Ain't here to play nice
You yelled your taunts for your worth
But the ladder in my tights
Will look neat besides you

My paper made men keep burning up
I have this obsession
With chasing the light
You think you've got the superior mind
That you're perfect
You're just the lucky ones

Put your faith in me
I'm going to keep to my word
Everything 'gonna be fine
It's seconds away from being done

All you nice boys
Who thought you can treat me like furniture
Well courtesy of all of you
I'm going out of my mind
'Gonna end a life

She walks beautiful
They always say
But she ran when she last saw me
Realising I was no longer a weak weed
But a rose with jagged thorns

Nobody can understand me now
Lost in my beautiful lie
All I 'wanna do
Is make you testify
Admit you were the horrid one

Now carry me away
To another place
Because here lies love
I never got to feel
Its a sad, sad world
But at least it's predictably so

Songs by Amy Studt 

The End

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